Feenix Language Solution has its expertise in the area of marketing, where translation is not just about translating the text into the target language, it’s about conveying the correct marketing message in the target language. There can also be cultural issues and issues of tone and writing style to be taken into account. Marketing translations are therefore often quite lateral, and require a certain specialized approach from the translator.

Below marketing translation is therefore as follows:

  • Translators are native of the target language, and either in-country or have close regular links with the country. To ensure up to date language and correct style.
  • Marketing translation is quite a broad field of work, for instance translation for branding and advertising may be quite different to website translation, despits both are marketing oriented. We select the most appropriate translators for specific assignments.
  • We use specialist translators for marketing translations who have experience of translating similar content.
  • Unsure about which languages are required for a particular market? Talk to us about your needs and we can advise.
  • We consult clients on the intended target audience, and not specifically only the language, for example are you aiming to reach the general public, academia, a specific social class or age demographic audience, which will impact the translation efforts as well.
  • We translate a wide range of marketing materials including: brochure translation and leaflet translation, translating websites, label and packaging translation.
  • We consider appropriate use of language in the explicit target market, for example there are occasional words in Spanish which are in common use in some countries but would be offensive in others. European French is becoming increasingly permissive of use of English words within the target language, but this is not generally true in case of Canadian French.