Feenix Language Solution is an established leader in the translation and localization of corporate educational programs for different languages and cultures. Beyond translating the words, we make sure that the training materials are culturally appropriate and will be embraced by the target audience. This ensures clients have their local language learning materials embraced by the target audience with a greater impact.

The education and training department of many of today’s leading companies turn to Feenix Language Solution for unparalleled expertise in the localization of e-Learning material. We bridge the potential gaps in understanding by employing a team of linguists with experience in creating and adapting world-class learning solutions for a global audience.

e learning service providers in Bangalore
e learning service providers in Bangalore

Global stakeholders in any organization, from customers to employees, expect to be trained and learn in their local language. Achieving the maximum return on your training investment involves presenting materials in the most clear and most understandable manner possible.

Whether you’re interested in educating an internationally distributed workforce, enhancing sales force effectiveness, driving customer satisfaction, or delivering on-demand research and collaboration, let our translation company’s team help you take your global learning and training programs to the next level.

Our years of experience in providing the highest quality deliverables enable us to provide unparalleled multilingual learning content . We have put together the most skilled content development and translation teams in the industry to offer full service support using the latest technology and systems.