Back-translation can play an important role in identifying qualified translators. Back Translation is the process of translating a document that has already been translated into a local language back to the original language. Back translation can point out clear-cut errors. But the purpose of a back translation is to show a native speaker of the source language how the message is being delivered to the target audience.

The premise behind back translation: As a process, we engage a second translator to verify the file provided by the first translator.

We believe that, it is imperative that the Back Translator strictly adheres to the source document and back-translate what is actually written. The Back Translator should NOT use their personal discretion; else the probable mistakes in the translated version would not be pointed out and the very purpose of back-translating the document would be defeated.

Translation is a creative action, a painstaking operation requiring a sharp ear and a feeling for language. On the other hand, translating is also a craft, and of course there are tips and rules of thumb.

We should strive to be simple, clear and concise when back translating. Long sentences with many clauses should be avoided. We aim to provide most common language targeting local audience. We avoid addressing professional audiences such as those in medicine or any other professional group.

We at Feenix Language Solution always aim at the conceptual equivalent of a word or phrase, not a word-to-word translation, not a literal translation. They should consider the definition of the original term and attempt to translate it in the most relevant way.

Feenix Language Solution provides professional, fast and affordable human translations with professional certified translators around the world and with a guaranteed high quality output.


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